Seif the Computer Guy NYC
Known by  Seif the Computer Guy is one of the Best Computer Techs in NYC based on Expertise.Com Selection.

With over 18 years in Computing and a lot of wonderful experiences in Europe and America, offering his expertise in Information Technology, bringing solutions for homes and work places , small and medium businesses, in major computer areas : Cloud Computing , Networking & System Support, Security & Backup Solutions, Ethical Hacking & Cracking, System Upgrades, Consulting and much more...

✅ Computer Cleaning, Upgrading, Fixing :

Speeding up Computers, SSD Upgrades , Building Gaming Computers , Fixing Laptops & Desktops & parts replacement, Troubleshooting, Hardware & Software Optimization, "Blue Screen of Death" or BSOD, Hardware Upgrading , Mac & PC Cleaning.

✅ Data Recovery & Backup :

Having multiple copies of your data is the most important thing that you can do! Your life is stored on your computer including irreplaceable photos, documents, and more. i am here to help creating a robust local or cloud backup solution for your home or business.

✅ Computer Security & deleting viruses .

✅ Network optimization & security :

In today's day and age the workplace and home environment have more wireless and network devices than ever.
A solid and reliable connection to the internet is the utmost priority. Here's a list of common networking services i provide:

Fixing unreliable internet connection (random disconnection) , Wireless troubleshooting and installation,Home & business file sharing and servers, Personal cloud storage across devices,Connecting network printers & mobile devices..

✅ Jailbreaking & Unlocking iOS & Android devices, Deleting Passwords from Mac & Windows PCs ..

✅ Software Support (On-Site & Remote Services) .

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