Seif the Computer Guy NYC
Known by  Seif the Computer Guy is one of the Best Computer Techs in NYC based on Expertise.Com & NYCRated.Com

With over 18 years in Computing and a lot of wonderful experiences in Europe and America, offering his expertise in Information Technology, bringing solutions for homes and work places , small and medium businesses, in major computer areas : Cloud Computing , Networking & System Support, Security & Backup Solutions, Ethical Hacking & Cracking, System Upgrades, Consulting and much more...

✅ Computer Cleaning, Upgrading, Fixing :

Speeding up Computers, SSD Upgrades , Building Gaming/Trading Computers , Fixing Laptops/Desktops & parts replacement, Troubleshooting, Hardware & Software Optimization, "Blue Screen of Death" or BSOD, Hardware Upgrading , Mac & PC Cleaning , deleting all Windows garbage Backdoors including Telemetry , Defender & Cortana..

✅ Data Recovery & Backup :

Having multiple copies of your data is the most important thing that you can do! Your life is stored on your computer including irreplaceable photos, documents, and more. i am here to help creating a robust local or cloud backup solution for your home or business.

✅ Computer Security & deleting viruses .

✅ Network optimization & security :

In today's day and age the workplace and home environment have more wireless and network devices than ever.
A solid and reliable connection to the internet is the utmost priority. Here's a list of common networking services i provide:

Fixing unreliable internet connection (random disconnection) , Wireless troubleshooting and installation,Home & business file sharing and servers, Personal cloud storage across devices,Connecting network printers & mobile devices..

✅ Jailbreaking & Unlocking iOS & Android devices, Deleting Passwords from Mac & Windows PCs ..

✅ Software Support (On-Site & Remote Services) .

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Please be advised that we do not allow any drop-off or pick-ups at this location nor at the datacenter !!